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Pumpkin Home Decor

Pumpkin Candle

$ 20.00

The best of Fall, captured in the creamy aroma of pumpkin pie! It encompasses pumpkin, spices, a touch of yummy vanilla whipped cream and nutmeg! This beautiful pie is placed on a bed of color coordinated tissue paper and boxed in a beautiful brown, top window, Eco-friendly cake box with a burn time of up to 50 hours!

Now before you say, "It's so pretty, I wouldn't even burn it.", I have 5 reason why you really NEED this candle:

1. You can "bake" without really baking!

2. It not only looks yummy but smells just as yummy even before you burn it!

3. Ambience! Imagine reading a book or enjoying a nice relaxing candlelit bath with a glass of red wine!

4. "I got you a really awesome candle!" is a gentler way of saying, "Your place smells funny!" Just kidding- they make great gifts!

5. It's the healthier candle option opposed to paraffin and is clean burning!

This Pumpkin Pie scented candle is also a wonderful asset to your home! It compliments any room as a great home decor candle, which also makes it the PERFECT housewarming candle!

Hand poured, 100% natural soy candles provide superior fragrance! Made with soy beans, soy candles burn cleaner with less soot and burn longer than traditional paraffin candles.

My soy wax candles are made from soy beans grown in the United States. They are GMO free and biodegradable. It is also very easy to clean up with soap and water. The fragrance oils I use in my candles are all phthalate free.

To maximize the life of your candles, keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch. Burn 3-4 hours per use. The fragrance of the candle is released when the wax is melted and pools across the surface of the candle.


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