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Gifts for Women, Gift Ideas, Unique Gifts Soy wax melts variety pack. One pound of wax tarts. CHOOSE ANY SCENT(S) - Gourmet Candle

SUMMER: Soy wax melts variety pack. 1lb of wax tarts. CHOOSE ANY SCENT(S)

$ 25.00

Why burn boring clamshell melts and scent shots when you can burn these Gourmet soy wax melts?!

Choose any scent in the drop down menu or add up to 3 different scents to the "note to seller" checkout section. Enjoy a variety of pie, cake and bread scented tarts.`


These tarts are PERFECT for individuals who prefer not to have lit candles in their home, dorm room or office.

Each box is packed with a variety of ONE POUND of soy wax melts. You'll receive an assortment of soy tarts for your tart warmer ranging from scented wax cookies, donuts, muffins, oreos and ice cream scoops which includes between 10-15 wax melts.

Your tarts will be made to order, meaning that your tarts are made fresh at the time you order them!


Fragrance time will vary based on fragrance and amount of time the burner is left on. My soy wax melts are intended for electric burners that are 18-24 watts, specifically counter top burners. In order to obtain the best out of the fragrance allow at least 1-2 weeks (cure time) from the date that you receive your tarts before melting.

The fragrance of the candle tart is released when the wax is melted and pools across the surface of the tart warmer!


Each floor plan for each home produces different results. Most get GREAT results with 1 candle (in medium 15 x 15 ft. to smaller rooms), while others need 2 candles. Understand that it is more difficult to fill open floor plan homes since the scent has to continue to travel and as the scent spreads over large areas it will get less intense. An average room with walls will keep the scent inside and of course create a more intense, strong scent.


Your tarts will be made to order, meaning that your tarts are made fresh at the time you order them. Please allow approximately 5 days for processing. 

Get the most out of flat rate shipping by bundling up on your favorite candles and scented wax melts!

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