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Tart Warmer (BLUE) Starter Set with three FREE melts!

$ 30.00

Wax Warmers are the perfect way to bring your favorite scents to your home or office while adding stylish seasonal décor without having an open flame. Inside your tart warmer is a small light bulb that warms your tart warmer’s melting dish. Just turn on your warmer, add in your favorite tarts to your tart warmer's melting dish and enjoy the aroma for hours! It also works great with pure fragrance and essential oils as well. They’re also great for mixing and matching scents to create your own personal aroma blends or for the little bit of wax left in the bottom of your candles.

Your tart warmer comes with your choice of any 3 melts!

This warmer has:

  • No flame
  • No soot
  • Releases a soothing fragrant scent into the air immediately upon melting
  • Includes your choice of 3 soy wax tarts

Tart Choices:

  • Amaretto Cookie
  • Mulberry Cookie
  • Magnolia Cookie
  • Mandarin Chili Pepper Cookies
  • Watermelon Oreo
  • Coconut Lime Oreo
  • Love on the Rocks Oreo
  • Cotton Candy Ice Cream Scoops
  • Venice Peach Butter Cookies
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Butter Cookies

Get more tarts for your warmer:

  1. Click on the “Candle Tarts” Tab on the menu.
  2. Click on the “Soy wax melts variety pack”.


Each glass marble tart warmer measures 5" x 4.5" and has a beautiful mirror base with a matching oil dish included. Dish is removable for easy clean up. Power cord measures 5' in length with a dimmer switch which allows you to control the intensity of the light to warm the wax to your desired fragrance level. Warmer uses one 35 watt halogen bulb and one bulb comes with the warmer.

Great for your office, bedroom or living room.

Electric tart warmers are the safe way to enjoy your favorite aromas without the worry of having to remember to blow out a candle!

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