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Tourmaline Sponsorship Opportunity

Tourmaline Sponsorship Opportunity

$ 500.00

As a sponsor, with the Tourmaline package you'll receive:

  • Website Recognition – Company name, logo, website link and sponsorship level will be displayed on Gourmet Candle’s “Sponsor Page” on the website for 3 months.

  • Pre Event Promotion – Your brand will be acknowledged as a sponsor for 3 months via each event promotion platform before event ticket sales (Gourmet Candle’s “Candle Making Classes” page, Eventbrite, Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

  • Email Subscriber Access - As a sponsor, you will be introduced to Gourmet Candle’s 2,000 e-mail subscribers (450 Pennsylvania subscribers and 1,550 national subscribers throughout the U.S.)A series of 3 emails will be sent to our subscribers offering information about your company that might be of benefit to them with links that send subscribers to your website.

  • Promotional Merchandise Distribution - If provided, your promotional merchandise (pens, keychains and other small industry-related, promotional items under 3”x 3” will be distributed at Gourmet Candle’s booth/table space at local festivals/events (approximately 8 events with over 200,000 attendees), at the candle-making classes and in the shipping boxes of online orders for 3 months.

  • Social Media Promotion – You’ll receive monthly social media acknowledgement for 3 months (two post per month), including your company name, logo and a snippet of your business. This will include a following of over 11,000 followers among Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you have a social media platform, your corresponding account will be tagged in the post from Gourmet Candle’s business page. 



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