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Candle Care Set

Candle Care Set

$ 25.00

Enjoy your candles to their full potential with this Candle Care Set. Made of polished stainless steel, this durable candle trio is the perfect toolset for candle lovers. It ensures clean trimming and safe candle burning. Ideal for your candle care, this set is an essential for anyone who enjoys burning candles. 

Wick Trimmer: The candle wick trimmer can trim the wick easily, preventing soot and increasing combustion time. Your trimmer will ensure that you candles burn longer, cleaner, and safer. 

Candle Snuffer: The rotating head of the snuffer enables a candle to be extinguished with ease. Prevent wax from flying off the tip of the candle. This helps to extinguish the flame safely and easily.

Wick Dipper: The dipper is used to reposition the wick for normal burning. This is a great asset when your wick is burning off-center. Centering your wick will assist in allowing your candle to burn evenly and achieving a full melt pool, with your liquified wax reaching the edge of your candle. The dipper may also be used to push the wick over into the wax to snuff your lit wick. This coats and seals the wick decreasing smoking and smoldering.

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