Collection: Candle Making Workshops

Enjoy a fun and relaxing party with friends and let your creativity soar at Gourmet Candle's candle-making workshop! Learn step-by-step instruction on how to create candles and candle-burning tips. Add your own flair to your candles by mixing fragrances to make new candle scents. 

We provide everything you need to create (2) one-of-a-kind candles. You'll be inspired to learn something new and get artistic. We’ll guide you and your friends through 90 minutes - 2 hours of creativity, drinking or games and an amazing time!

The best part? Once your candles have cooled, you’ll be able to take them home with you! 

Candle-making events may be held in your home or you can book a venue. Local event spaces are available at an affordable hourly rate. Get $50 off of your first event space by clicking HERE.