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Covid-19 and Updates/Shipping/Delivery Breakdown

Please accept my sincerest apologize on behalf of the postal service. As you may have seen on the news, due to the global health crisis (Covid-19), limited USPS staff, and the recent past holiday season, USPS is experiencing many delays. The Philadelphia Inquire as well as local News Stations (and the USPS website) have all indicated that "Tens of thousands of packages pile up inside Philadelphia-area processing facilities. Dozens of delivery trucks filled with mail waited for hours outside the Southwest Philadelphia site because there was no room to unload the parcels." USPS also indicates on their website, "USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19. We appreciate your patience."

Packages are shipped in bulk (20-40 packages per pick-up) three days a week. If the postal worker who picks up the packages does not manually scan in each package one-by-one, or just brings them to the post office for them to scan them in, consequently, it delays shipping updates. 

If you have received your tracking number, I can assure you that you order was boxed and picked up by USPS, regardless if the update reads: "Pre-Shipment".

To say your patience is appreciated would be an understatement. I know how frustrating and annoying it must be to wait forever for a package that you’re really looking forward to and I SERIOUSLY cannot apologize enough for that.

Small businesses are suffering because of these postal delays that are completely out of our hands. With that in mind, regardless of the update, packages HAVE been picked up, but some are severely running behind.

Thank you for your time, patience and consideration in this matter.

With lots of LOVE && Appreciation❤️,
Emerald Hill



Q: The status on my package says "Pre-Shipment", have you actually shipped the package?

A: Yes. Once your tracking information has been sent to you, your package ships within 24 hours of your tracking email (Monday through Saturday).

Q: I've contacted USPS and it says that the package has not arrived to USPS, where is my package?

A: If the postal worker who picks up the packages does not manually scan in each package one-by-one, or just brings them to the post office for them to scan them in, consequently, it delays shipping updates. When you receive your tracking information, please note that your package has been shipped and is in route to you. After USPS picks up your package, I have no control over how fast it moves through the mail. Unfortunately, I don't have any additional insight than what they indicate on their website with your tracking information. I'm privy to the exact same information as you.

Q: My package is later than expected and has remained in the same location for quite some time, what can I do?

A: Please keep in mind that we are still in a global pandemic and employee availability is limited for the postal service. You're welcome to use this link to file a claim using your tacking number and delivery address: MISSING PACKAGE

Q: Can you just process a refund or reship my item?

A: Refunds are not offered for packages once they have been shipped, and before they arrive to their destination. Since the post office has not indicated that any package has been lost, and it's too early to determine if anything is actually lost since they are so backlogged with work, their suggestion for now is to wait a bit so that their staff can catch up with the overwhelming flow of mail and packages. In the past where a significant delivery delay has occurred - either a refund was processed or items were re-shipped, only for the postal service to deliver the original order 100% of the time way after the delivery date. 

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