Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

These candles are EXCELLENT... AWESOME... FANTASTIC!!!! They truly do smell like the real deal! I had a custom order created for a wedding and she did not disappoint. I also requested a candle she did not have listed, leather, and boy was that the BEST leather candle ever!! The scents from the candles just take over the entire house and it is just amazing! I know where I will be doing my candle shopping from now on =] I just wish they came in bigger jars/tins so the awesomeness could last longer.
-Ashley H.

Big b-day coming up and i wanted to put together a great party bag for my wonderful lifelong girlfriends that will be celebrating me on a five day cruise-this candle (50 Cabernet Sauvignon candle tins) is a perfect addition to the bag! Smells divine! Great packaging and Emerald was a doll to work with!!! I have passed her information along and will order again in the future for sure!
-Theresa A.

From the packaging it arrived in to the enrapturing aroma, the pumpkin pie candle pie I ordered from Gourmet Candles was everything I could've wanted and more! The product arrived just as expected, very quickly, and in exceptional condition. Great care was taken to ensure the candle was not damaged in any way whatsoever. The scent from the candle is absolutely perfect, and it is unlike any pumpkin pie fragrance you can find in a chain candle store. It has me wanting to bake a real pumpkin pie to eat this week! The seller also worked with me on the shipping cost and was able to knock it down significantly since I was just ordering the one pie. The customer service I received was personalized, effective, and fantastic! Thank you so much, Gourmet Candle, for your phenomenal product; I cannot wait to order from you again soon!
-Jenny S.

Received all of my pies and candle jars! Love them all! I soooo love the aromas! Hard to have a fav but the fuzzy navel, apple pie on the top of the list. I purchased 3 pies ( my family thought they were real to eat!) and got 6 jar fragrances! You have a loyal customer !!!!!
-Eileen G.

I received my customized tins order today and it was made to PERFECTION! From the label (my business logo), to the matching wax color, down to the Vanilla Buttercream scent - the candles were SUPERB! I love them, and I'm POSITIVE my clients will appreciate them as well! Thank you! You will be hearing from me again VERY soon!
-Angela E.

Received my package today, and oh my, yummy-o, smelly-o- delicious! The pies are wonderful, the cupcakes are divine, the Sinful Seduction are just that-sinful hehe and the surprise cupcake is A-MAZING Thank you so very much!
-Catina P.

My mailman held the box tight sniffing it saying he would deliver it tomorrow. I thought I was gonna have to fight him for it. He saw the determination on my face and gave in. I have my box and ohhhh so good smelling even before opening. Who knew a monkeys fart could smell so good?
Rebecca G.

I love candles, and I thought I'd tried them all until I stumbled upon Gourmet Candle at a local craft fair.  I have never seen a candle that looked and smelled like a real pie!  After sniffing most of the candles, I ended up buying 6 for a few family members and myself.
-Shannon B.

It's (12 oz Chai Tea Candle) adorable and what a fun package to get in the mail. Loved the little extra gift inside and the cute way you wrapped it. I passed your site on to a friend . Thanks for the good packing also it arrived in perfect condition.
-Janet M. 

Have not had a chance to light my goodies up, but everything smells awesome. This company has GREAT customer service and great shipping time.
-Nicole C.

I absolutely love your candles!!!!!!! I introduce them to anyone who loves candles as much as I do! I have never heard of an alcohol scented candle, so I decided to try the Mimosa and Cabernet Sauvignon which were amazing! They are very strongly scented.  I burned my Cabernet Sauvignon candle first and it lit up the room quickly!
-Brielle T.

These are the best candles EVER! I must say that I was impressed to see a candle that looked and smelled like a blueberry pie! I am a candle connoisseur and am always looking for a good, fragrant candle and now, I have found the candle of all candles!
-Garrett W.

Got my candle from the giveaway! It's too cute & smells AMAZING! Thank You!!!
-Cindy Y.

They look good enough to eat!
-Desirae B.

Shoutout to Gourmet Candle for my custom chocolate and my four other candles!!!!! The pie smells sooooo good and I haven't lit it yet!!!! I'll be placing another order very soon!
-Kiwona M.

Wonderful seller! Great items! Prompt shipping!!! Candles smell wonderful ( I haven't lit them yet but so far the smell wonderful!) I will definitely be returning!!!!
-Deziree H.

Ummmm...that actually smells like pizza! I'm crazy impressed! And hungry. But mostly impressed. My pizza loving niece is gonna love this. And on a personal note, I'm super sensitive to perfumy, chemical smells. They give me a headache right away. I risked it because I wanted to to give the candle a proper review, but no headache! Bonus! So obviously good ingredients. My nose and head do not lie.

-Leslie S.