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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your candles burn evenly?
It takes about 2 hours to achieve a full melt pool since my pies have different wax shapes in them; however, from that 2 hour mark, yes, they will burn evenly.  However, the candle's fragrance fills the room way before the candle has reached the full melt pool.

What are your candle burn times?
4 oz Candle Tins:
Up to 32 Hours
4 oz Tropical Bar Votive and Jar Candles:
Up to 32 Hours
Candle Pies:
Up to 50 Hours

What type of wax and wicks do you use? 
   I use soy wax with cotton wicks making my candles natural burning candles.  I have a few candles pies topped with gel wax for a longer burning time and a glazed finish; however, they are indicated as such under the corresponding item.

All of the candles made by you? 
Yes. Each and every candle on my website are all 100% handmade by me.  I do all of my advertising, candle pictures and everything in between.

Do you do custom orders?
Absolutely! I love custom orders! Whether is one candle pie or a bulk order; if you can think it, I can create it!  I also cater to events such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Holiday Gatherings, Weddings and just about any other event you could think up!  They make for great party favors for your guest and create a lasting memory of your event!  My candle pies have been ordered and used as centerpieces at various events and I've also completed custom orders candle tins at baby showers and birthdays which are very popular!

How should I trim the wicks & how often?
The wicks should be trimmed to a 1/4 inch every time before you light your candle. You can use a scissors, nail clipper, or candle wick cutters. Your best option is to use a candle wick cutter called the Candle Quencher (or a new nail clipper, if you're feeling frugal).

Does the scent throw/strength vary for each home? 
Each floor plan for each home produce different results. Most get great results with 1 candle (in medium-15 x 15 ft. to smaller rooms), some need 2 candles. Understand it is more difficult to fill open floor plan homes since the scent has to continue to travel and as the scent spreads over large areas it will get less intense. An average room with walls will keep the scent inside and of course create a more intense strong scent.
More about scent throw/strength: 
My candles are made with the recommended amount of oils deemed safe by my fragrance suppliers. If you’re having a hard time smelling a certain candle, simply put it in a smaller room, add more candles or get one of my stronger scented candles. Each candle will vary in strength, but most will fill a small room with scent, not a large open area. The tealights are not as strong because there is not as much surface area to burn. To make sure you’re not getting used to the smell, you can step outside or shut the room’s door for a while to re-expose yourself to the scent. (Please make sure that your candle is on a heat resistant surface and away from anything that can catch fire. Please also keep away from children and pets.) I use a mixture of both natural (essential) and synthetic fragrance oils.

Are scented candles safe?
Yes. When a candle burns, the wax is drawn into the wick, where it is "consumed" by the candle flame to produce water vapor and carbon dioxide. The only difference with a scented candle is that a small amount of fragrance is released as well.

 I only use only fragrances that are approved for burning in candles. I also carefully monitor the addition of fragrance to ensure that each of my candles will burn cleanly and properly.

Are scented candles triggers for asthma or allergies?

Although millions of Americans regularly use scented candles without any negative effects, it is always possible that a particular fragrance might trigger a negative reaction in sensitive individuals (such as headaches with certain stronger scents). Individuals with known sensitivities to specific fragrances may want to avoid candles of those scents. In addition, consumers should remember to burn all candles, whether scented or unscented, in a well-ventilated area.  

What should I know about using candles safely?

Candles are safe when burned properly, responsibly and according the directions located on each candle. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that a burning candle is an open flame, and thus a potential fire hazard if not monitored carefully.

When burning candles, consumers should follow these basic safety rules:

Keep lighted candles within your sight. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire.

Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.

Trim wicks to ¼ inch prior to each use.

Keep candles away from drafts and vents.

Always use an appropriate candle holder placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
Keep away from children and pets.
Do not touch the hot wax.
(Gourmet Candle is not responsible for user misuse and negligence.)

How long does processing and shipping take?
 Orders made on weekdays may take 1-3 days for processing are delivered within 2-5 Business days.  Please note that holidays tend to be busier. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Thanksgiving to Christmas have a processing time of 3-5 days and are usually delivered within 2-5 Business days.
All orders receive a confirmation e-mail along with your tracking information.



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