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Candle Tarts

Wax tarts are the perfect way to bring your favorite scents to your home or office without having an open flame. Inside your tart warmer/oil burner is a small light bulb that warms your tart warmer’s melting dish. Just plug in your warmer, add in your favorite tarts to your tart warmer's melting dish and enjoy the aroma for hours!
My wickless wax tart melts quickly produce room filling fragrance within minutes! Fragrance time will vary based on fragrance and amount of time the burner is left on. Tarts are intended for electric burners that are 18-24 watts, specifically counter top burners. Each tart has a date sticker on the front of their packaging. In order to obtain the best out of the fragrance allow at least 1 to 2 weeks (cure time) from receiving your tarts before melting.

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