About Me

Welcome to Gourmet Candle!!! I'm Emerald Hill and I'm the proud creator and owner of Gourmet Candle!

Gourmet Candle is my online candle store specializing in a variety of unique handmade scented (soy) candles that look and smell similar to popular desserts and various other yummy goodies! I reside in The City of Brotherly Love, formally know as, Philadelphia, PA! Previous college student majoring in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship and also a Mompreneur!!! (Mompreneur = Mom + Entrepreneur) I'm the proud mommy of two little ones (a daughter and a son) who are incredibly supportive of my business! My business, Gourmet Candle is my full time job. I not only sell my handmade candles on Etsy but also on my website (www.GourmetCandle.org), local events and in several different stores throughout the United States. I have always been VERY creative, motivated and passionate about everything that I set out to accomplish! Running my candle business and creating candles are my passion because it allows me to share my wonderful creations with other candle lovers and gift givers!


One thing that excited me about candle-making and transforming it into a business is that there is no limit to my creativity! Prior to beginning my journey, I've completed a ton of research on the items I'll need, start up cost, created a business plan and researched every single detail in between. I brainstormed business names such as, "Decadent Candles", "Dessert Candles" and even "Fat Bastard Candles" (I was looking for something different) until I stumble onto "Gourmet Candle". I completed a survey among my family to see which one they liked the best and they unanimously chose, "Gourmet Candle". From there, I saved up money to buy my materials, created a binder with ideas, tools, tips, cost, a business timeline, a marketing plan and every other detail! I purchased my materials and work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on my candles. I dedicate anywhere from 7 to 10 hours either actively making candles or promoting my business and generating new ideas for growth. Everything that I create is measured, scented, dyed, hand poured, boxed and designed all by me. I find it incredibly rewarding to do something that makes me genuinely happy!!!


I'm a HUGE foodie! I cannot stress this enough. I love candles and I also love food. I thought it would be a cool idea to combine the two. I say this all the time, "You can buy a plain white vanilla candle anywhere, but how often do you see a Pumpkin Pie candle that looks and smells like an actually Pumpkin Pie?". I've spent years making candles.  I have the measurements down to a science.  Now it just comes down to creativity with candle designs; which is my favorite part, because there's no limit to my creativity! 

The weird scents come from you guys! I always get customers who request non-traditional candle scents like burnt fuel oil, money farts, band aids and burnt hair. For scents that I think might be truly interesting, I send out a poll on social media as well as to my newsletter subscribers to see if they'd burn or gift a certain scent.  If it passes, I get the supplies needed to make that particular scent.  I make small test samples of the scent and test them.  Next, I make small batches and see how they sell both online and at local events.  Items that sell well make the cut and become permanent Gourmet Candle items.


My customers and family keep me motivated! My main goal with Gourmet Candle is to help women, more specifically, MOMMIES incorporate relaxation into their busy schedules by using candles to unwind after a long day. I want to help moms prioritize wellness and "me time" by not only providing candles that can help to reduce stress but also providing resources. Being a working mom, I know how easy it can be to get caught up with making sure everything is completed and focusing my attention on who needs me more between my children, home, work and bills that at times I ended up drained. Making time for myself was nearly impossible.  I know other moms with very similar stories and I want to help through, well..CANDLES!

I receive so much AH-MAZING energy and encouragement from my customers- especially the ones that I have the opportunity to meet at local events! Its been a blessing to have such a supporting team in my life from my family to my customers! I genuinely hope that you enjoy my candles as much as I enjoy creating them for you!

I appreciate your support!

Gourmet Candle
Emerald Hill

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